Concert Review: Proverbial Showcase

Concert Review: Proverbial Showcase

Concert Review: Proverbial Showcase

​Tuesday night, 102.1 The X started a weekly tradition

at Have a Nice Day Café that aims at showcasing bands from the Richmond area.


The first night of the showcase was all about Proverbial, last year’s battle of the bands winner that went on to be the opening act at the 2010 Chili . The band put on an amazing show that was centered on the release of its new self-titled album.


Cook Off

After opening acts Vega and Grapefruit Fred, Proverbial delivered nearly two hours of high that mixed sounds and genres in ways that I have truly never seen or heard.




energy music


The night started with “Harlequin’s Escape,” a song that shows off the uniqueness and power of lead Mike Keeter’s voice. As the set moved forward, I found myself trying to pinpoint exactly which type of music Proverbial plays. Each song has a different sound. There is a reggae feel to some songs, a rock feel to others, and just when you think you have it figured out Thomas , saxophonist , lays down a smooth flowing rap called “Drug of Choice.”






and vocalist


This song is all about music, and how it makes you feel while providing a perfect description of Proverbial’s music:


“…Cause our music stimulates your mind, body and soul, the Proverbial sound of hip hop, rock & roll, blues funk, reggae, plus a little bit of soul…”


Each of these genres mixes so smoothly with the next. Such an eclectic style allows them to put their own spin on classic songs like “Superstition.” Taking on a Stevie Wonder classic is a tall task for any band, but Proverbial’s take on the song from 1972 helped provide one of those moments that people who go to shows are looking for.


The 18-song set highlighted each of the songs on the new album, along with a cover of “Hold On, I’m Comin.” Their version of this oldie had everyone in the crowd moving and singing along, but once again it was so unique that if you didn’t know any better, you would expect it to be on the album.


The night was wrapped up with “What I’m Good For,” an original from the new album that featured Phillip Walker on the keytar. Unless you are familiar with Proverbial you may not have ever seen the keytar played in a live show, but until you do it is hard to understand just how amazing the experience can be. The set ended with another song off the new album called “In the Morning,” a rock song that featured Stephen Holicky on lead guitar, with the distinct sounds of the djembe and saxophone along with the smooth flowing bass beats of Scott Gerry.


Proverbial is truly a band worth the price of admission. Each member of the seven person band provides their own unique sounds that blend together seamlessly. The drums are crisp and each instrument is the perfect accent to the next. Proverbial’s new album is one of those rare gems that can be played from beginning to end without the need to skip a single song.